YinTAO Magic


A massage stick for self-delight and reflexology of the Vagina

This magical instrument made from obsidian can bring your most mysterious sides into sensual and healing vibrations. Obsidian is a volcanic glass from the womb of Mother Earth. The stone holds in itself the dark, yielding yin power and is simultaneously permeated by a deep, transforming fire.

YinTAO Reflexology massage of the vagina

Learn to feel

With this massage you want to stimulate your vagina and your desire.The gentle stimulation or just the touch of the clitoris, activates hormones and the neural network to the reflex zones. During this exercise you want to give yourself a safe space, so you are able to release hidden feelings and tensions that will lead you to heal emotional injuries. For these may be the causes why we have put a protective mantle around our vulvina (vulva + vagina) and sometimes also around our whole being. That now prevents us to experience what we really want. The pleasure of being alive and deep feelings. This does not only refer to our sexual encounters. The unconscious protective armor can build up so much that the vulvina completely closes, becomes numb and sexual intercourse instead of giving pleasure can cause pain.

Patience and trust

It takes a lot of patience, deep confidence in your own healing power and at the same time enough resources that make it possible to give each feeling, space and appreciation. Yes, even pain and negative feelings may be there and need to be felt. This is a healthy reaction to an unhealthy action or painful experience. But that does not always happen consciously and so we build protective walls that we do not even know we put them there. We want to find them and dismantle them piece by piece.

Inner smile + Healing Sounds

Taoist practices are tools that can help us to lear to feel again. With the Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds we can actualy transform negative feelings into positive ones.

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Preparation for the self-massage


Find a place where you are undisturbed, where you feel warm and safe and build yourself a nest with plenty of pillows and blankets. Maybe in your bed or on a yoga mat. Cover yourself with a blanket, as this will give you a sense of protection. Feeling cold makes you lose vitality (qi). If you are sensitive to cold, make sure you have a hot water bottle to warm up your "nest". This massage is wonderful after a nice hot bath or you can even practice in the bathtub.

Get your magic wand or the Energy egg ready. Preferably warmed, either with warm water or keep it for a in a warm place of your body or place it on the hot water bottle.

Provide: Lubricant or massage oil, eg coconut oil, breast massage oil.

You can be naked and extend that feel-good massage all over your body, or just undress your lower body to focus on that area. Whatever is right for you and makes you feel comfortable. This exercise can be repeated as you wish, and you alone decide the intensity and duration. This guide serves as an inspiration. So you can indulge in your own pace designing your own personal exercise.

Tune  in and  arrive inside your body

Lie on your back in your "nest" with your hands on your stomach and your legs outstretched. If you have back problems, a knee roll does a good job or you put your knees up. Take a few deep breaths down to your abdomen. Feel your belly lifting when inhaling and lowering when exhaling. Keep breathing until you feel your stomach move by itself and your breath flowing effortlessly into your pelvis.

Connect heart and womb

Now put one hand on your heart and the other on your lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. The Taoists call this place the Ovarian palace. Exhale 3x with the heart sound and let your heartfire flow into your abdomen. Gently stroke with your hands from the heart down to your groin and up again.Massage your breasts. Rest and feel yourself and keep breathing deeply.

Ask for permission

Talk to your body, talk to your vulvina. Ask for permission to be touched and to enter. Question: "Are you ready for this experience?" Follow your inner voice and only enter and touch your vagina when you feel open and ready for it.

Respect your boundaries

To be mindful and patient are important and crucial steps to learn to feel again and inhabit your body. Being in loving contact with your boundaries healing magic unfolds.

No permission to enter?

Then simply continue the exercise in your mind and imagine how healing energy spreads in your womb. Lay your hands comfortably on the heart and womb or the lower abdomen. Breathe deeply. Move in your mind through your vagina using loving mindfulness and the Healing Sounds for each layer. Give yourself time to linger between the sounds to sagurate the areas of your attention with benevolent smiles and appreciation.

Effect of the massage
  • Better circulation and vitality of the tissue
  • Suppleness and elasticity of Vulvina
  • Solution of tissue contractions (de-armoring)
  • Hormone stimulation
  • Activation of Ching Qi (sexual energy) as a healing power


For the optimal effect of the massage, it is important to include the quality of the tissue (eg hormone deficiency, dryness, tension, blockages). Therefore, use the wand very soft and carefully. Gentle stretch stimuli are sufficient to give a healthy signal and the tissue will release tension. This results in supple flexibility and elasticity in the entire tissue of your Vagina.



In the beginning, smaller, shorter, and regular practice sequences using the YinTAO magic wand are more efficient for the holistic revitalization of the vaginal tissue. The activated sexual power (Ching Qi) promotes the entire healing process.

what size

The magic wand is available in small + big