pelvic floor

Pelvic floor conciousness

The Egg exercise

is a journey into your body. We establish a new relationship and get to know a part of

conciousness in the pelvic floor

The Egg exercise

is a journey of discovery in the body. We establish a new relationship and get to know a part of our body that is unfortunately often associated with taboos, shame and pain. But actually it is a place of creative and healing power. Yoni - the Sanskrit word for vagina, means sacred place. Be brave and enter this holy place with love and respect!

It is never too late

or too early to discover the joy of your own body, your beauty with all the curves, wrinkles and mysterious caves. To touch yourself lovingly, tenderly and feel pleasure. To feel alive and sexy. That's good and healthy! These essential steps on the road to self-love will make it possible to truely share our love with others. The health of our body is as important as our feelings. How do you feel inside your skin?

Powerful abdomen

With this exercise we can built a warm and powerful lower abdomen, develop more sensitivity in the vagina and  good control of our pelvic floor muscle. Used mindfully and lovingly, the play with the energy eggs can lead us to a new and wholesome way of caring for our bodies and experience a healthy, natural sexuality. All you need is a clear intention, curiosity and the courage to discover something new.

The egg will help you to feel

The  egg is a grate tool to support pelvic floor training. If you want to put the aspect of physical health and functionality in the foreground. Inserting the energy egg into the vagina will activate a muscle reflex. With further conscious muscle contractions, the egg is moved back and forth in the vaginal canal. This "inner gymnastics" helps, among other things, to strengthen the so-called "Chi muscle" (M. pubococcygeus) and to control its function.

Tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles

The aim of the exercise is to move the egg back and forth with the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. We learn to consciously contract and relax the various muscle layers. This is the basis for supporting the dynamics of these muscles, because often the pelvic floor is weak because it is totally tense. But of course there are also other reasons for a weakness in the pelvic floor.

Every women should own an energy egg and explore her body...